Goal Oriented

Goal Oriented


Supplementation is often overlooked or misunderstood. There’s either the perception that you don’t need it at all or you have to have it. I like to tell me clients they give you the extra amounts you don’t have in your diet or if you want something extra to help you on your goals.

So getting back into fitness or just starting a fat burner or detox cleanse will help boost your metabolism. If you are like me and want amazing workouts than a DMAA preworkout will greatly increase the intensity of your workouts. If you don’t eat enough protein during the day or have a hard time eating breakfast then supplanting with a lean protein shake or meal replacement shake is very important.


Sleep is very important when it comes to your goals. Most of our muscle recovers and is built during sleep. Also we feel better and more rested with more sleep.

When I say toxins I am referring to alcohol, smoking or drugs. They hinder our progress so much. Not just what we see in the mirror like body fat or muscle mass, but on our organs and mentally. The more you can take them out of the equation the quicker and more dramatic results you’ll achieve.


I cannot stress how important water is to your health and fitness goals. Most of our muscles are made of water. It flushed out toxins. We also tend to think we will bloat with a lot of water, it’s the opposite.
More water in means more out. For all of my beginning clients it’s a one gallon per day minimum. Warm up: Dumbbell pullovers 3 sets of 20 with slow controlled on eccentric movement


It’s no secret nutrition is very important to reach your goals. Many people look at it as a tool for weight loss or referring it to as 80% nutrition and 20% training. I honestly believe it takes 100% commitment to a lifestyle change.

I have a different mindset when it comes to nutrition. Muscle is built and fat is torched by your training, so unless your fueled up and recovering from a well balanced nutrition plan than your training will always suffer.

I also don’t believe in trendy diets like Keto or intermittent fasting. Diets will come and go, but once you learn how to properly fuel your body then real results will happen. Just a brief oversight a good meal plan includes high protein meals with moderate carbs and fats timed correctly towards your training.

Cheat meals are also vital for strength and metabolic progress. All of my clients including myself have a real cheat meal once a week.


Fundamentally all of my training surrounds strength training. Whether your goals are to put on lean muscle, burn fat or just tone up strength training will always be your best friend.

Incorporating isolation and compound lifts with high quality Olympic lifts will incorporate your total body to work as one unit.

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