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After a decade of training I finally put together all of my training tools in one place. In order to transform your body you should keep doing things to challenge your mind and body.

I combined strength training using free weights, functional training and boxing all in one place. Who says you should separate your cardio from strength training. Do it all at one time.

In order for us to achieve the physique we want we must find a way to use our entire body, that's why we get out total body fat percentage and total body muscle mass when we get check ups or weigh ins.

At Detroit Strong I have combined all of the tools to use your entire body and not just one muscle group at a time. Most "big box" gyms have you going from machine to machine followed by cardio.

Who has two- three hours to workout! I know I don't and my clients don't either, they are professionals with families and responsibilities. They want to maximize on the precious time they have. That's where I come in.


Personal training available
even during closed hours.
Monday-Friday: 9:30am -8 pm
Saturday: 9:30am -3pm
Sunday by appointment only

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